Tuesday, August 28, 2007


He make look innocent, oh so innocent but NO! HE is INTO EVERYTHING these days. Our day started with getting him up. That involved watching him spend 20 minutes taking all the books out of one basket and putting them over the rail into his crib then demanding to get into the crib to throw them all out again...repeat cycle...come downstairs, open trash can and pull out trash, mommy closes cabinet, open cup cabinet and pull out cups, mommy closes cabinet, go in laundry room and empty marker and crayon box, mommy closes door, back to trash can and repeat cycle 4 times. Then, head of to the bathroom for some great funn of pulling ALL the toliet paper of the roll ( the LAST roll may I add).... FInally, choosing to move onto his normal toys but that invloves pulling all of them out then crashing through them with his walker (one of his 4 walkers may I add). Finally, everyone is up, dressed, fed, and ready to head for the gym!

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