Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A little too much in a day

Do you ever find yourself planning a little too much for one day and then wonder why by 4pm you are completely exhausted and ready for bedtime, a glass of wine and some QUIET? Well today is begining to look like one of those days. Let me set the stage and you can decide for yourself... I have my two older nieces here to play. They spent the night and started the day at a whopping 6:45 am. We are getting a new roof and the arrived at 7:30. The weather is poor, we can not go outside to play in the yard or the driveway becasue of the roofers, my car does not hold everyone, and no naps will be taken becasue of the before mentioned roofing project. So, it is 9:48, the baby is screaming, my coffee has run out, and my husband in unreachable by cell phone. Wish me luck!

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