Monday, August 6, 2007

REAL reason to go to the Gym

Some would say that the reason to go to the gym would be for excercise. You know, getting healthy, keeping your weight down, helping your body be happy, and keep your heart in shape. These are ALL good reasons BUT the REAL reason is .....FREE CHILD CARE! That's right ladies and gentlemen, I said FREE CHILD CARE. Simply drop those kiddos off in the kid zone, and BAM Quiet time for mommy. I get to spend 1-1 1/2 ALL ALONE listening to whatever I want on my IPOD or catching up with good old Regis and Kelly or Rachel Ray. I know the kids are happy and well taken care of and I am allowed to have a little me time. I guess the gynm really can help with WHOLE BODY HEALTH. So, as often as I can, I put my hair up in a ponytail, lace up my sneaks, and head on out for a good sweat AND some peace and solitude...You can't beat it!

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